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Determination of Protein Concentration Using Bradford Microplate Protein Quantification Assay (3857 Views)
Knowledge of medical staff about the principles of radiation protection in Bandar Abbas City (2654 Views)
Impact of Exercise Endurance Training on PurB Gene Expression and Cardiac Function (2376 Views)
A Review on Medical Students Mental Health Problems and Proposed Solutions (2132 Views)
Investigating the Effect of Different Educational Methods in Preventing Disease in Elderly People: Review of interventional studies in Iran (2017 Views)
Study on the Statistical Index of Decayed, Missed and Filled Teeth (DMFT) in Secondary School Students of Zarand City in 2011 (1847 Views)
Evaluating the effectiveness of the Diploma-In-Research course on university students’ research-based awareness and performance (1623 Views)
Correlation between Religious Beliefs with Mental Health and Academic Performance in Medical Students (1610 Views)
Growth of Head Circumference, Weight and Height from Birth to 18 Months in the South of Iran (1468 Views)
The Effect of High Fiber Diet on Sex Hormones in Early Pubertal Obese Girls a Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial (1467 Views)
Predictive Factors for General Health Status in Iranian University Students an Unvariate and Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis (1436 Views)
The Prevalence of Anxiety Among students of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in 2007 (1424 Views)
Predictive values of Braden and waterlow scales to assess the risk of pressure ulcer : Review article (1420 Views)
Cefazoline or Normal Saline Irrigation Doesn’t Reduce Surgical Site Infections After Cesarean (1412 Views)
Associations Between Resting Heart Rate and Antisocial Behavior (1411 Views)
Investigating Health-related Depression and Quality of Life among Patients Afflicted with Tuberculosis in Bandar Lengeh (1405 Views)
Knowledge and attitudes towards tuberculosis among secondary school students in rural areas in Hormozgan, Southern Iran (1389 Views)
Expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in melanocytic skin lesions by immunohistochemistry (1382 Views)
Evalauation the relation between praying (salat) with physical health in nursing, midwifery and paramedical students of Hormozgan university of medical science (1372 Views)
Seroepidemiology and risk factors of Toxoplasmosis in the first trimester among pregnant women (1360 Views)
Physical Disability and Its Effective Factors in the Elderly of Khalkhal City (1320 Views)
Pathologic findings of patients with breast cancer in Bandarabbas (southern Iran) during 2002-2010 (1315 Views)
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium in Wild Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Population at Shoushtar, Iran (1306 Views)
Attitude and Awareness of Children’s Oral Hygiene Among Mothers in Bandar Abbas, Iran (1288 Views)
A Review of Designing New Vaccines to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Antibiotic-Resistant Infections (1283 Views)
The relationships between religion/spirituality and Mental and Physical Health: A review (1278 Views)
Attitudes and Knowledge of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences Nurses Regarding the Implementation of Computerized Physician Order Entry (1276 Views)
Analgesia and anesthesia during IUD insertion: local anesthetics (1275 Views)
Evaluation of the Microsoft office familiarity of the medical students of Hormozgan Medical University in 2006 (1267 Views)
Individual and Environmental Predictors on the Use of Plastic Bags among the Vendors of Hadishahr City (1244 Views)
Effective factors on sleep satisfaction and chronobiology among rural adults (1232 Views)
An investigation of nursing burnout and the underlying factors in Shahid Mohammadi Hospital of Bandar Abbas in 2014 (1229 Views)
Review of Coding Programs in Iran (1224 Views)
A Novel Study on Non-invasive Assessment of Renal Osteodystrophy among Iranian Hemodialysis Patients (1209 Views)
Effect of religious orientation on university students’ mental health (1204 Views)
Mentha, Dracocephalum and Propolis effects on the health of Pancreas and Liver cells (1183 Views)
Mechanisms linking Mental Health Problems and Cardiac Disease: A Review (1175 Views)
Determination of varicocelectomy benefits, anthocyanin good effects on varicocle and relationship between remedial effects of varicocelectomy and races (1154 Views)
The fingernail infection with intestinal parasites in seven-year-old children referred to the sensory clinic in Bandar Abbas city in 2016 (1135 Views)
Urea Breath Test (UBT) shows high prevalence of Helico bacter pylori (H. pylori) infection in patients with dyspepsia in southern Iran. (1126 Views)
The trend of antibiotic resistance of Staphylococcus aureus isolated in clinical specimens in a referral hospital Shahid mohammadi hospital at Bandar abbas, South of Iran (2009-2014) (1118 Views)
Effect of Sargassum sp. extract on preventing abdominal adhesions in female rat (1103 Views)
An infant Presenting with Cerebrovascular Accident was Diagnosed as a Sickle Cell Disease Patient: a Case Report (1091 Views)
The effect of workshop training and instructional packages on students’ attitude and practical adherence to prayers in female students of Bandar Abbas universities in 2015 (1086 Views)
Restrictions in the implementation of research from the perspective of researcher students against students non-researcher (1076 Views)
Epidmiology of trauma due to driving accidents in patients referring to Shahid Mohammadi hospital of Bandar Abbas (2011) (1075 Views)
Investigating epidemiologic status of thalassemic patients in Hormozgan province in 2011 (1074 Views)
International Electronic Journal of Medicine (1073 Views)
Coexistance of Pemphigus Vulgaris and Psoriasis in a Middle Aged Man (1069 Views)
The Effect of High Fiber Diet on Lipid Profile of Obese Young Girls: a Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial (1067 Views)
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